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Sally Love helps capital project leaders leverage their technical abilities and ignite the fire within themselves so that they can deliver outstanding project results and have a life while doing it.

Sally's Signature System

While coaching scores of project leaders on complex and culturally diverse projects around the world, Sally identified the universal pattern of success - Sally's Signature System.

Ignite + Accelerate + Deliver


Your ability to IGNITE your own motivation is essential to energizing and aligning your team so that you can set the stage for project success right from the beginning.


Your ability to ACCELERATE your team's productivity through your personal leadership style is critical so that your team members can contribute what they do best.


Your ability to DELIVER a successful project depends upon how well you bring out the best in people so that they enthusiastically produce extraordinary results. 

It's easy to get busy doing "stuff" and lose sight of the big picture for your life. Don't let that happen to you. Get Sally's free guide, "Focus on What Matters Most" to discover 3 essentials to living a life that matters.

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So many project leaders are tired of working longer hours, sacrificing time with family and still getting the same results. It doesn't have to be that way. You can have a life outside work while also delivering better results. 

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Leaders need winning teams. In this 7-week online Supercharged Leader™ Masterclass, Sally coaches leaders on applying her Signature System so that they can change the trajectory of their projects (and their career).

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Supercharge Your Team

Transform your project. Be extraordinary. Banish burnout. Look forward to work each day (even on Monday). Reclaim personal freedom.

"Sally Love is incredibly gifted in so many ways. She helped us with some challenging internal opportunities; ones that may be normal in the construction industry, but very specific to our business. "

Will H.
- President & CEO

"There is no group hug stuff with Sally; but rather a laser-like focus on project needs. Sally deals with the things that are important to project effectiveness - goals, accountabilities, measurements and the moose on the table (big issues). "

Jack H.
- Project Director

"Sally is remarkably consistent in how she approaches project challenges. She has that solid understanding of project dynamics, but also of human behavior, which makes her excellent in working through challenges and opportunities. "

Bruce M.
- Project Manager


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