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Sally Love helps project leaders align their teams and accelerate team collaboration so that they can deliver extraordinary project results. 

Sally's Signature System

While coaching project leaders on complex and culturally diverse projects around the world, Sally identified the universal pattern of success - Sally's Signature System.

Ignite + Accelerate + Deliver


ALIGN your team to the purpose, process and targeted project outcomes.


ACCELERATE your team's collaboration so that they can contribute their best.


DELIVER the extraordinary results you know you and your team are capable of.

Your project is unique. And that very uniqueness is a tremendous advantage to building a winning team. Very few project leaders are even aware of this. Download Sally's Project Mixing Board™ and begin discovering your project's uniqueness.

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Are you frustrated by "people problems" on your project? You are not alone! Most leaders say that dealing with "people problems" is the hardest, and most exasperating, part of their job. It doesn't have to be that way. There is a better...much better... way.

Yes! I would like to know the better way.

Leaders need winning teams. In this 5-week online ONE TEAM Alignment & Collaboration Coaching Program™, Sally will work with you to learn and apply her Signature System so that you, and your team, can deliver extraordinary project results.  

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Align & Accelerate Your Team

Transform your project. Be extraordinary. Banish frustration. Look forward to work each day (even on Monday).

"Sally Love is incredibly gifted in so many ways. She helped us with some challenging internal opportunities; ones that may be normal in the construction industry, but very specific to our business. "

- President & CEO

"There is no group hug stuff with Sally; but rather a laser-like focus on project needs. Sally deals with the things that are important to project effectiveness - goals, accountabilities, measurements and the moose on the table (big issues). "

- Project Director

"Sally is remarkably consistent in how she approaches project challenges. She has that solid understanding of project dynamics, but also of human behavior, which makes her excellent in working through challenges and opportunities. "

- Project Manager


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