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Sally Love helps capital project leaders leverage their technical abilities and ignite the fire within themselves so that they can deliver outstanding project results and have a life while doing it.


Supercharged Leader Masterclass™ 

7-Week Online Program

We designed the Supercharged Leader Masterclass™ to equip you with the insight and tools you need to positively change the trajectory of your project.


This 7-week virtual implementation masterclass is for project leaders who want to dramatically improve project results and have a life while doing it. If you are currently leading a capital project, or about to start a new project, and you are committed to deliver outstanding results then this is for you.

  • Are you tired of trying to solve the same people problems over and over again?
  • Are you sacrificing family time, and your health, to ensure project results?
  • Are you wondering whether all your hard work and dedication will even matter to anyone?

Then it's time to put your project (and your career) on a different trajectory. 


  1. Clarify what really matters so that you and your team can succeed together.
  2. Rally your team around your project's uniqueness so they “own it”.

  3. Utilize your one-of-a kind personality so that people can work without drama.

  4. Develop a positive attitude and defeat negativity so that people want to work with you.

  5. Create an engaging environment where people enthusiastically collaborate.

  6. Bring out the best in people so that they enthusiastically produce extraordinary results.

  7. Get more done in less time and excel in your career without sacrificing your health and family.


7 Video Modules + Downloadable Tools & Resources + Application Exercises + Four Live Q&A Calls with Sally + Unlimited Access to the Supercharged Team Private Forum.

You will have lifetime access to the Supercharged Leader™ Masterclass.

The Implementation Begins Here

You’re on the verge of making big things happen on your project - and in your life. You’re about to unlock powerful new ways of delivering your project. Sally's Signature System works. Are you ready? Do you have what it takes?  


Supercharged Leader MASTERCLASS™

A 7-week virtual group coaching program using Sally's Signature System. For equipping Project Leaders with the knowledge, tools and inspiration they need to change the trajectory of their project.

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Sally's Signature System ACCELERATOR™

A one-on-one virtual coaching program with Sally Love applying Sally's Signature System. For equipping Project Leaders with the knowledge, tools and inspirations they need to get results at an accelerated rate. 

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Team Excellence BREAKTHROUGH™

A one-on-one coaching experience with Sally Love focused on identifying the specific needs and opportunities of YOUR project and building a road map for success. For Project Leaders desiring (or needing) results NOW. 

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Sally Love is THE Specialist in Accelerating Results on Capital Projects.


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