Supercharged Leader Masterclass™

7 Essentials to Delivering EXTRAORDINARY Results on Your Project

Online Implementation & Coaching Program for Project Leaders 

 One masterclass can change the entire trajectory of your capital project - and your career.

Why continue to struggle when you can deliver EXTRAORDINARY results instead?

Why change the trajectory of your project NOW?

You Can Exponentially Leverage Your Technical Skills and Abilities

You are ready to build on the hard work you've already done so that you can make a bigger impact.

You Can Lead Your Team to Achieve Extraordinary Project Results

You are ready to take your leadership to a new level so that you can lead your team to accomplish great things. 

You Can Accomplish More AND Have a Life Outside of Work

You are ready enhance your personal effectiveness so that you can enjoy your work AND your personal life. 

There IS success in what you are doing right now!

However, you have that nagging feeling that you are meant for more.

You're good at what you do already, and you work really hard. Is working harder even possible? 

Your people count on YOU showing up and contributing your time, energy and technical expertise

But there is more, there is the people part of your job. And that sure is a tough challenge.

We know what the highly successful high-performing project leaders do.

They make a big impact, not through their talent alone, but by leading PEOPLE in positive and effective ways.

They all have something in common.

They care. They inspire other people. And they show up in a big way.

Hi, I'm Sally Love

I've been where you are. I know what its like to be overwhelmed with endless project activities and to-do lists that ruin nights and weekends. I've been exasperated with those people problems that, despite my good intentions, seemed to come up over and over again. I've experienced the dread of returning to work on Monday mornings. 

Then one day I had a lightbulb moment. And right then and there I decided I would devote the rest of my career to helping project leaders approach projects a better way. And I'm here to tell you, there is a better way!  My “ideal” type of work is figuring out what produces success and WHY!  My zone of genius is helping leaders on capital projects leverage their uniqueness to deliver the results they envision – in business and in life.

I have a thirst for success and my desire to see people, and teams, win keeps me forging ahead and discovering new and better methods for project delivery. I set goals — super challenging ones — and I won’t give up until I’ve achieved them. (I won't let you give up on yours either). I love helping project leaders transform their projects - and themselves - by helping them approach situations from this same “winning mindset” – a “figure out what you want and make it happen” mentality.

I know (and love) capital projects. I worked on large, complex projects, as a control systems engineer, start-up team leader, operations liaison and as a project manager before striking out on my own as a capital projects consultant and coach over 25 years ago.

I know first-hand what works in the real world. And you know what? I didn’t learn what I am going to teach you while earning my engineering degree or my MBA. Why? Because they don’t teach this in school! I learned it the heat of the battle...the hard way...through trial and error and sheer determination! 

Through all of these experiences, I’ve helped scores of project leaders - dedicated and determined leaders like you - and in the process identified the universal pattern of success - Sally's Signature System.

I'm on a journey with like-minded project leaders. If you want to come along and blaze new trails then connect with me. I will help you achieve more than you dreamed possible. You can shatter industry records. You can be a leader that people trust and admire. You, and your team, can accomplish "extraordinary" results - the kind that other people say are impossible.


I came to some definitive conclusions.

  • Leaders of capital projects are SMART. They have impressive technical skills that, unfortunately, go largely untapped. That's where I come in. I help project leaders leverage their technical skills so that they are effective in leading teams and forging strong working relationships with project stakeholders. 
  • Leaders of capital projects are DEDICATED. They work long hours, sacrifice their personal time (and even their health), trying to bring their project in safely, on schedule and under budget. That's where I come in. I help project leaders improve their personal effectiveness so that they can deliver their projects successfully AND have a life!

  • Leaders of capital projects are INNOVATIVE. They are adept at figuring out ways to overcome challenges. They are willing to try new approaches, if only they knew what the new approaches were. That's where I come in. I help project leaders by sharing better approaches to leading people on capital projects.

The Supercharged Leader Masterclass™ is right for you if you are:


You’re exhausted from resolving the same problems over and over again and refereeing conflict among stakeholders and team members.


You’re burned out from working long hours and sacrificing family time, trying to keep the project out of the ditch and feeling like it still isn't enough.


You’re worried that even after investing months, or even years, of your life in a project that you might not deliver and your career will take a huge hit.


You’re frustrated because other people keep second guessing your decisions and trying to “help” by playing Monday morning quarterback.


You’re ready to implement better ways - proven ways - of leading projects and delivering results you know you are capable of. 2018 is YOUR year!

You just need Sally's Signature System AND a group of high achievers to hold you accountable for implementing it.

Introducing: Supercharged Leader Masterclass™

A 7-week virtual implementation program to change the trajectory of your project (and your career).

Your Virtual Implementation Program, Includes:

The Supercharged Leader Masterclass™ Virtual Implementation Program is offered in 7 learning modules. Each module, released on Monday over 7 weeks, includes video, downloadable tools, application exercises and the opportunity to apply the content immediately to the project you are leading, or are about to lead.

You'll be transforming your project (and your career) as you implement Sally's Signature System.

Essential 1: Magnify Purpose

In Step 1 we’ll start by clarifying your personal purpose, principles and priorities using my Focus on What Matters Most Personal Guidebook™.

Then we’ll apply my Project Purpose Identifier™ to help you identify the real reason your project exists (beyond just making money) and package it so that your team will be supercharged to succeed.

 In Step 1 you will discover:

  • Three essentials to living a life of meaning and purpose
  • Why a clear project purpose is essential to project success
  • How to clarify the true purpose of your project (beyond just making money)
  • How to package your project's purpose so that your team is supercharged to achieve it
  • How to determine your project team's guiding principles 
  • The ideal number of guiding principles and their key ingredients
  • Why it is so critical that your actions are congruent with the project's guiding principles  


You will receive:

  • The Focus on What Matters Most Guidebook™ to help you live a life that matters
  • The Project Purpose Identifier™ to help you identify the true purpose of your project
  • The Project Guiding Principles Template™ to help you and your team discover your real guiding principles 

Essential 2: Amplify Uniqueness

In Step 2, we'll use my Project Mixing Board™ to reveal your project’s uniqueness. Then I’ll teach you why, and how, to rally your team around it.

Few project leaders know the secret power of project uniqueness. So, once you’ve nailed this about your project you’ll be way ahead of your competition. 


 In Step 2 you will discover:

  • How to identify your project’s uniqueness
  • Why the uniqueness of your project is so powerful
  • The 14 factors that determine your project's uniqueness
  • How to identify the impact past projects will have on your current project (and what to do about it)


You will receive:

  • The Project Mixing Board™ to reveal your project’s uniqueness
  • The Project Pre-Game Warm-up Exercise™ to help you get your team ready to compete for the trophy
  • The Project Context Matrix™ to identify how past projects will influence your project


Essential 3: Enhance Personality

In Step 3, we’ll help you discover valuable insight about your leadership style and why it has so much impact on the results you get (and the amount of drama you unknowingly create).

We'll help you begin leading from a position of strength and identify how best to interface and communicate with team members consistent with their personal style.


 In Step 3 you will discover:

  • Your unique personality style

  • Your probable strengths and possible weaknesses 

  • Why you must develop and work within your strengths to achieve your highest level of performance

  • What you can, and can’t do, to change your unique personality style

  • How to determine if your team is comprised of the best combination of personality styles to achieve success

  • How to enhance your leadership effectiveness within your personality style


You will receive:

  • The Personal DISCernment Inventory™ to identify your unique personality style 
  • The Leading with Style Application Module™ to help you enhance your leadership effectiveness 
  • The Team Personality Composition Chart™ to determine whether your team’s "personality" is in balance


Essential 4: Elevate Attitude

In Step 4, we will examine an essential element in leading successful project teams - attitude. It is essential as a leader to exhibit a positive attitude and defeat negativity so that people actually want to work with you.

We will pinpoint how your attitude influences your project team and other stakeholders and how it determines how far you will rise in your career and in your personal life.

 In Step 4 you will discover:

  • The real impact your attitude has on your success

  • How to utilize your attitude to produce positive and lasting outcomes

  • Why a great attitude help you accomplish more
  • How to reprogram your automated reactions from negative to positive
  • Strategies for preventing negative attitudes from infecting your project team
  • How to leverage your attitude so that you can be more productive


You will receive:

  • The Attitude to Altitude Assessment™ to pinpoint how your attitude will influence your personal and career success
  • The Attitude Engagement Factor™ to increase your performance AND the performance of your team
  • The Reactionary Attitude Chart™ to help you react proactively in any situation


Essential 5: Create Collaboration

In Step 5 we'll explore one of the most overlooked opportunities on capital projects - the environment people work in.  

I’ll share practical (and inexpensive) ways to immediately increase collaboration and teamwork on your project.  You'll be amazed at how committed your team members and stakeholders will be once my Gold Standard Trifecta™ is firmly in place.

 In Step 5 you will discover:

  • Why you need collaboration to deliver a successful project

  • Simple changes you need to make to your office configuration ASAP

  • How to stop wasting time and money in boring, ineffective meetings

  • Practical ways to dramatically enhance communication on your project
  • The three absolutely essential ingredients to EVERY successful project 


You will receive:

  • The Gold Standard Trifecta™ to equip you with the three absolutely essential ingredients in EVERY successful project
  • The No Snoring Zone Meeting Template™ to make your meetings productive, effective and valuable
  • The Expectation+Interest Grid™ to pinpoint the level of interest and so-called “help” you are likely to encounter


Essential 6: Recognize Performance

People problems. Everyone encounters them. Most people say that dealing with people problems is the hardest, and most frustrating, part of their job.

My favorite high-probability, low-cost strategy to delivering successful projects is to bring out the BEST in people. Once you start using my Bring out the BEST in People Formula™ you’ll see people enthusiastically go the extra mile.

 In Step 6 you will discover:

  • The astounding difference between positive and negative reinforcement
  • How to recognize project progress and achievements
  • How celebrating interim milestones and successes affects your project
  • The secret to overcoming your recognition roadblocks 
  • What every project leader needs to know about reward programs


You will receive:

  • The Good, Bad & Ugly Reward Systems Matrix™ to equip you with the reality and science of reward programs
  • Progress Recognition Checklist™ to help you determine when and how to recognize progress and achievements
  • Bring out the BEST in People Formula™ to apply not only at work; but EVERYWHERE


ESSENTIAL 7: Make Margin

Once you’ve got these other dynamite strategies working for you, you’ll want to be sure you can sustain them for the long haul.

So, we'll finish up In Step 7 with an entire session devoted to YOU. I’ll show you how to power up your personal effectiveness, get (and stay) organized and excel in your career without sacrificing your personal life and health. 

 In Step 7 you will discover:

  • Why your morning routine is so important to your personal success 
  • The process for getting your scary, out-of-control calendar under control 
  • Five areas you need to simplify in order to achieve what's important to you 
  • How to reclaim your evenings and weekends so you can have a life outside of work
  • Powerful ways (and simple to implement) to use technology to your advantage


You will receive:

  • The Control My Calendar Template™ for getting your calendar under control
  • The Simplify My Life Worksheets™  to help you achieve what is important
  • The Best-Year-Ever GPS Guidebook™  to help you plan your best year ever - at work and at home


What is possible on YOUR project after
you change the trajectory?

Leveraged Technical Skills

Build on the hard work you've already done and make a bigger impact.

Accomplished Extraordinary Results

Take your leadership to a new level and lead your team to accomplish great things.

Have a Life Outside of Work!

Enhance your personal effectiveness and enjoy your work AND your personal life.


Bonus #1: Private Strategy Session

When you register for the Supercharged Team Masterclass before midnight April 30th, you will receive a private 50-minute virtual strategy session with Sally Love. 

  • Ask the questions that are on your mind
  • Strategize solutions for your specific project or situation
  • Accelerate your Masterclass learning

Bonus #2: Free TEAM Snapshot 

Register before April 30th and you will receive access to the TEAM Snapshot Questionnaire - FREE. It will give you a valuable snapshot of:

  • The SUPERCHARGED ZONE - the areas you should build upon
  • The FENCE SITTING zone - the areas where focus will pay off  
  • The RED FLAG ZONE - the areas needing attention ASAP
Do you have a big vision for yourself and your team that has not been fulfilled?

Is there a persistent, deep feeling that you are capable of so much more?

Implementing better project delivery approaches that expand your personal leadership is the fastest way to a more successful project and rewarding career.   

Fast forward one year from now - what is going to be different? 

Transforming your ability to lead projects will take you, your company and your career to the next level.




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Be Bold and Make EXTRAORDINARY Things Happen,


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This is not a be-all, end-all four-hour work week kind of thing. It’s going to take a lot of effort and focus to achieve the kind of results you want to achieve. But, the great news is that you’re the kind of person who is willing to put in the effort, right? I’m here to help you learn and focus on implementing a new approach that will work for you and will change the way you lead projects. You won't become a supercharged leader overnight, however with with work, determination and focus you can. As such, we do not make any guarantees about your success, amount of promotions you will receive or the number of hours you will work. The results you get are dependent on your personal efforts, your experience, resources and other factors specific to your situation.


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