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A Message from Me to You

I've been where you are. I know what its like to be overwhelmed with endless project activities, challenging situations and crises that ruin nights and weekends.

I've been exasperated with those people problems that, despite my good intentions, seemed to come up over and over again. I've experienced the dread of returning to work on Monday mornings. I thought work would be so much more meaningful than I was experiencing.


Then one day, after months of struggling with a very difficult client, and wondering if I had made a mistake choosing a career in capital projects, I had a light bulb moment. I realized it didn't have to be this way and that I could (and would) do something about it! And right then and there I decided that I would change how the capital projects I was associated with, were executed. What excited me most was the possibility of changing the environment people on capital projects worked in. I didn't want to continue seeing so many people frustrated, defeated and just downright miserable.

I thought to myself, "engineering and construction on capital projects is really cool, why isn't it a rewarding experience?"  I knew there had to be a better way! Since that day many years ago, I've devoted my career to helping project leaders approach projects a better way. And I'm here to tell you, there is a better way!  


I am a trail blazer, strategist, performance analyst and inspirational coach all rolled up into one. My ideal type of work is figuring out what produces success and WHY! My zone of genius is helping leaders on capital projects leverage their uniqueness to deliver the results they envision – in business and in life. And helping them experience the joy of knowing they made a difference in people's lives.


I have a thirst for success and my desire to see people, and teams, win keeps me forging ahead and discovering new and better methods for project delivery. I set goals — super challenging ones — and I won’t give up until I’ve achieved them. (I won't let you give up on yours either). I love helping project leaders transform their projects - and themselves - by helping them approach situations from this same “winning mindset” – a “figure out what you want and make it happen” mentality.


I know (and love) capital projects. I worked on large, complex projects, as a control systems engineer, start-up team leader, operations liaison and as a project manager before striking out on my own as a capital projects consultant and coach over 25 years ago. I know first-hand what works in the real world. I’ve helped project leaders accelerate their project (and their career) right out of the starting blocks and I’ve answered the call from project leaders to help them pull their projects (and their career) out of the ditch!  

You know what?

I didn’t learn what I am going to teach you while earning my engineering or business degree. Why? Because they don’t teach this in school! I learned it the heat of the battle...the hard way...through trial and error and sheer determination!



Through all of these experiences, I’ve helped many project leaders and in the process identified the universal pattern of success - Sally's Signature System.

Come along with me and learn how to apply my proven principles to produce outstanding RESULTS.

I am happy to share, coach and inspire you to deliver results, accelerate your career and have a life outside of work while doing it. I want you to leave a legacy of purpose and meaning - not just for yourself, but also for the people you lead.


Sally's Signature System

Ignite + Accelerate + Deliver

Imagine the Possibilities



Supercharged Leader MASTERCLASS™

A 7-week virtual group coaching program using Sally's Signature System. For equipping Project Leaders with the knowledge, tools and inspiration they need to change the trajectory of their project.

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Sally's Signature System ACCELERATOR™

A one-on-one virtual coaching program with Sally Love applying Sally's Signature System. For equipping Project Leaders with the knowledge, tools and inspirations they need to get results at an accelerated rate.

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Team Excellence BREAKTHROUGH™

A one-on-one coaching experience with Sally Love focused on identifying the specific needs and opportunities of YOUR project and building a roadmap for success. For Project Leaders desiring (or needing) results NOW.

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Sally is THE Specialist in Accelerating Outstanding Results on Capital Projects.


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