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A Message from Me to You

I've been where you are. I've been exasperated with people problems that, despite my good intentions, seemed to come up over and over again. I've known the dread of going to work on Monday mornings.


I experience plenty of business challenges - challenges of my own and my clients' challenges - and every one of them involves PEOPLE!

Sometimes they involve helpful people and at other times difficult people. Sometimes they involve people who are passionate about their work and at other times people who have  "checked out." Sometimes I encounter people who are team players and at other times people who are in it only for themselves. Sometimes the people are positive and optimistic and at other times the people have such a bad disposition that their sole purpose seems to be to make everyone around them as miserable as they are. 

One of my all time worst "people experiences" was early in my career as a project manager. I was young, eager to do a great job and thrilled to have the opportunity to lead my first team on a major capital project. That was all fine and good for me. However, my client was far from thrilled. Instead, he was absolutely irate that a more "seasoned" project manager had not been assigned to work with him. So, he proceeded to be as difficult as he could be. (And he was very good at it)!  His goal from day one was to make things so miserable for me that I would quit and be replaced by that more "seasoned" project manager he was sure he and his project deserved. If only he had known, that quitting never even crossed my mind! Instead, I was more determined than ever.

After that long, excruciating experience, and a few other challenging situations and demotivating people over the next several years of my career, I was really discouraged. I thought to myself "You mean I worked hard to earn an engineering degree and an MBA for THIS?" If THIS was all I had to look forward to the rest of my career, I wasn't interested. 


And then it was as if a lightning bolt hit me. There had to be a better way than what I was experiencing! And I was going to figure it out. I became more energized than ever. I was determined and persistent. There had to be a way for people to be productive and effective while also enjoying their work. There had to be a way for leaders to connect with their teams so that they could work toward the same common goal. There had to be a way to deliver even better business results by replacing toxic and demotivating workplaces with healthy and rewarding cultures.

And I'm here to tell you, there is a better way! 


My ideal type of work is figuring out what is working well (and why) and helping people build on it AND figuring out what isn't working well (and why) and helping people transform those problems into successes. 

My passion is helping people and teams "hit on all cylinders".  And when they do that, they deliver results that absolutely amaze people. My desire to see people enthusiastic about their jobs and teams delivering extraordinary outcomes is what keeps me going. 

I set goals — challenging ones — and I won’t give up until I’ve achieved them. (I won't let you give up on yours either). I love seeing company leaders transform their businesses, project managers transform their projects and people transform their lives. 


I know business and I know projects. And I absolutely know how to build WINNING TEAMS.

I know first-hand what works in the real world. And you know what? What I'm going to teach you, I didn’t learn  while earning my engineering degree or my MBA. Why? Because they don’t teach this stuff in school! I learned it hands-on...in the trenches...by leading and coaching real people ...in real situations...the hard way...and with sheer determination!

Through all of these experiences, I’ve helped many dedicated and determined leaders like you around the world.  And in the process I've identified the universal pattern of success - Sally's Proven System for building winning teams.


I'm on a mission to build winning teams.  

Maybe you want to join me on this mission. Would you like to learn what I've learned about what works and what doesn't?

Your team has so much untapped potential. They, and you, can achieve much more than you dreamed possible.

You CAN be a leader people trust and admire. You, and your team, CAN accomplish "extraordinary" results - the kind that other people say are impossible.

Are you ready? Let's get going.




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