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The Team Excellence BREAKTHROUGH™




Let's face it. All teams have issues. And these issues prevent teams from delivering the results you need.  

Why let issues put your team at risk of failing, when you can achieve a BREAKTHROUGH instead?

Leading teams is really hard work. There are so many factors to consider. That's where the Team Excellence Scorecard come in.



  • Your team's health in the 12 essential components of Team Excellence
  • In what ways your team is aligned
  • What is working well that you can build upon
  • Where your biggest opportunities for improvement are
  • Gaps in team performance you didn't know existed 



  • The Team Excellence Scorecard so can see how your team is performing in each of the 12 essential components of Team Excellence 
  • Detailed analysis and insight about your team's performance on objectives, roles and accountabilities, culture and key work processes 
  • The Team Excellence Triage Session with Sally Love so that you can take the action your team needs to achieve its BREAKTHROUGH.


Every team benefits from a BREAKTHROUGH when focused on:

A MEANINGFUL PURPOSE establishing the team's importance.

A COHESIVE TEAM enabling the team's effectiveness. 

ROBUST PROCESSES facilitating the team's productivity.

A REWARDING CULTURE engaging the team's commitment.  

Ready for your team's BREAKTHROUGH?


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Complete the info below. In the message please share with me what concerns you most about your team's performance. We'll schedule a time to confidentially discuss your situation and how we might help your team achieve its BREAKTHROUGH.


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